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Our T4 Ambassador scheme

In May 2020 we launched our T4 Ambassador scheme to support our inaugural conference on the 30th May.

3069 delegates registered to volunteer as an ambassador!

If you are interested in volunteering to be an ambassador for our future events and campaigns, we welcome you to join our Ambassador list now. You can do that at the bottom of this page. 

T4 Ambassador benefits

  • Insider info: access to important information, so you are ready to support us with amplifying communications and engaging your networks
  • T4 Ambassador digital badge for each event you support: to display on your social media profiles and include in your CV / resume.
  • Ambassador graphics pack: this includes header images for your social media profiles and graphics for posting (these will be made available in advance of new events)
  • Ambassador guidance: we want you to be successful in your role as a T4 Ambassador, so we provide guidance to support you with each campaign and event you volunteer for
  • Certificate: to recognise your contribution towards the event. Certificates will be received after the event.


Sound good? Then please join the Ambassador list (below) so we can contact you about our future events and invite you to support them. 


IMPORTANT: Please ensure you complete the mailing list opt-in, so that you receive the automated welcome email. If you don’t receive those emails, please check your junk mail folder and add our email address to your list of contacts. If you do not do this, you could miss an email from us about future events and ambassador opportunities. 

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